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University High School ID Card Information

The Redbird Card Office provides a photo ID, similar to those issued to ISU students and employees, to each U-High student.  This all-purpose card is used for identification, admittance to the U-High building, circulation (checkout) privileges at the Milner and U-High libraries, and admittance to U-High events.  This ID card also has an account (Redbird Dollars) that can be used at U-High, the Bone Student Center and other campus locations (check out the Location Sheet for details).  The Redbird Spirit Shop in the Bone Student Center and on North Street both accept Redbird Dollars deposited on the U-High ID.


ID Distribution 2023-2024

Beginning July 24, 2023 , U-High students should take a driver’s license or other form of photo ID to the Redbird Card Office located on the first floor of the Bone Student Center (back of the 1E Lounge). If the student does not have a photo ID, the Redbird Card Office will ask several questions to verify identity and the student will still be issued their U-High ID card. A new photo will be required.  The entire process should take less than ten minutes to obtain the ID card for the 2023-2024 school year.  The Redbird Card Office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed weekends & holidays through August 11, 2023. Check our Contact Us page for hours.

It is each student’s responsibility to obtain the ID card through the Redbird Card Office before registration.  The ID is required to receive your schedule.  Please sign up for an appointment for the week of July 24 to assist with the issuance process this school year. Students coming for their ID after July 28 do not need an appointment.

The initial card each school year is covered by U-High.  Any replacements required thorughout the school year for lost/stolen IDs must be paid for with cash, check, or Redbird Dollars. See FAQs below for more information.


If you wish to use the card for payment, you must deposit money in the Redbird Dollars Account before making your first purchase. 
Deposits to your Redbird Account may be made the following ways:

  1. In person at the Redbird Card Office on the first floor of the Bone Student Center (cash or check).
  2. Student Accounts on Dry Grove (cash or check).
  3. Deposits may be mailed in using a deposit slip . This should be mailed to the Redbird Card Office, not sent to U-High.
  4. Online deposit options are available via the My.IllinoisState portal at
    Scroll down to the Add Money to Card options.  You may pay with electronic check or a major credit card. 
    Minimum deposit is $10.
    Deposit should be available within 20 minutes.


  • What should a U-High student do if they lose their current U-High ID?
    • Report the card as "lost" via the portal. This prevents anyone from using the funds on the card until a replacement can be made or the card is found.
      • Scroll down to Report Lost or Found and select "Report my Redbird Card Lost"
    • If the card is found and has not been replaced, follow the same steps but select "Report my Redbird Card Found" (will only display if card is marked lost).
    • You can also contact the Redbird Card Office, during our office hours, to have the card reported lost or found.
    • If the card must be replaced, a new photo must be taken.  Come back to the Redbird Card Office to receive a replacement ID.
  • How much does a replacement ID cost?
    • Lost/Stolen cards are $15.00
    • Broken/Damaged cards (i.e. card stops working for purchases or door access) $5.00 - card must be turned in at time of replacement and must be from the current school year.
    • Replacement IDs can be paid with Cash, Check, or Redbird Dollars.
  • How do I check the balance on my Redbird Dollars?
    • Visit  The balance will be at the top of the page.
    • You can scroll down to view recent transactions.
      • Note: Transactions where tax is added (Bone Student Center locations) will show two lines for each transaction (one for the sale and one for tax).
  • What happens to leftover Redbird Dollars at the end of the school year?
    • Funds roll forward from one school year to the next.
    • If you would like a refund (balances of >$5.00) or transfer (any amount) to a U-High or ISU sibling or parent, please complete this form upon graduation/transfer from U-High.
      • Transfers can be made within a few days of receipt.
      • Refunds will be processed as a check to the student.
    • After 18 months of inactivity a $5.00/month inactive fee will clear any balances not requested to refund or transfer.
  • My card stopped working for door access, how do I fix it?
    • Bring the card to the Redbird Card Office and we can troubleshoot the issue.  If the card no longer functions then a replacement will be necessary to fix the issue.  If the card is still functional then we will work with U-High and Facilities to correct the problem.
  • What information is printed on the U-High ID?
    • Legal first and last name
    • Current school year
    • Current classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior)
    • University ID Number (on the back)
    • Barcode (for the library)
    • QR code for Crisis Assistance & Lifeline numbers
  • What Illinois State University services are not offered for U-High students?
    • Check cashing privelages
    • Admittance to residence halls
    • Admission to University events
    • ISU Student Fitness Center (without a Community Pass)
    • ISU Student Health Services