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Redbird Card Office

How can I check the balance in my account?

You can view your balances through My Illinois State. Select the Student tab, and then select "Redbird Card" under the Finances heading.

Read more in our FAQ

Protect Your Redbird Card

Decoded and damaged cards may be rejected by our card readers.

  • Do not bend, fold, or expose your card to excessive heat, washing, or other damaging elements.
  • Do not pass your card through any other system (i.e. automated bank tellers), as decoding may occur.
  • Do not leave your Redbird Card on or near a TV, stereo, telephone, microwave, or other electromagnetic equipment.
  • Do not store your Redbird Card next to magnetic earbud cases, these have been known to de-magnetize the magnetic stripe.
  • Do not punch holes in your card. This may make your card unusable in any reader.

Special care must be taken of ID cards used for door access that have the internal antennae. Bending the cards may damage the antennae inside the card.